TelServer - Middleware

The telephone continues to be the preferred communication channel in the customer relationship.

Optimising call handling by using custom solutions is therefore an essential component of quality of service.

TelServer is intended for developers who wish to integrate the company's telephone functions into their client applications (desktop or web) or who want to use their server applications to supervise their PBX resources.

It has been designed to be integrated into your legacy telephone and IT architecture (you get to keep your PBX/IPBX, dialling plan, extensions, etc.).

Click-to-call, customer card display, supervision of telephones, etc.
Bring telephony into the heart of your applications!

Do you have development or compatibility issues? UNIGONE places its expertise at your service.

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Support of the main PBX on the market

TelServer ensures the compatibility of your applications with the main PBX systems on the market that offer a CTI interface (CSTA, JTAPI, etc.).


Application interface


TelServices is an open protocol defined by UNIGONE that groups together all call control services.

It is encoded in XML or JSON and transported over TCP/UDP or HTTP. It simplifies the complexity of a CTI protocol.

To facilitate your developments, TelServer comes with:

  • the TelServices Java API
  • the TelServices C# API
  • the javascript TSLib API More


CSTA phase 2

CSTA phase 2 is supported by a large number of legacy CTI applications or contact centres.

Thanks to TelServer, these applications can now support PBX that offer only a JTAPI interface, for example.


With SIP/CSTA, TelServer acts as a 'Remote Call Control gateway' and enables you to supervise your telephone facilities inside a Microsoft Lync architecture.

Installation and administration

  • TelServer is a Java application
  • TelServer can be administered from a Web console
  • TelServer can be virtualised

Development tools

TelServicesCommand is a graphic tool delivered with TelServer, which implements the TelServices protocol. It facilitates the familiarisation process.

CSTAStub is a PBX emulator that offers a CSTA interface to a client application. Coupled with TelServer, it will enable you to develop your applications without having to use a veritable PBX. More