CSTAStub is a PBX simulator that provides a CSTA phase I or II interface for a client application.

It enables to test a CSTA application without needing a real PBX.

CSTAStub makes unit testing easier and saves time in the integration phase.

Your tests are easier and faster to set up.

The calls generator enables load tests and stress tests.

CSTA link

CSTAStub simulates the CSTA link of the PBX :

  • connection establishment (via TCP-IP);
  • session establishment (PBX specific information exchange);
  • association establishment (via ACSE);
  • CSTA phase I or II messages exchange (via ROSE).

Devices emulation

A logical device is created as soon as the client application sends a monitor request for the extension.

A behavior class is associated to the device. The behavior simulates the user: ringing time, talking time... can be configured.

Call trafic

Thanks to the automatic call generation, it is possible to generate call trafic. The monitored devices are calling each other and act following the rules defined in their behavior.

The client application can therefore be tested in actual load conditions.

Installation and administration

  • CSTAStub is a Java application.
  • CSTAStub can be administred from a Web console.
  • In addition to detailed logs, CSTAStub provides HTML or CSV reporting.