TelServer v2.12

SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram et and many other messaging channels are now available thanks to…

TelServer v2.10

The WhatsApp channel has been added to TelServer chat channels...

C-MobILE project

UNIGONE provides Asn1Compiler to the european C-MobILE project...

smart management of contacts

What is a contact centre ?

The rapid expansion of information technologies has transformed call centres into contact centres. The strong links between the business applications of companies and their various communication channels enabling a precise, qualitative and efficient management of the customer relationship justifies this new name.

What are the uses across contact centres ?

Incoming and outbound links for different functions:

  • customer support
  • marketing
  • sales
  • after sales
  • survey…

and ambitious strategic objectives:

  • improvement of customer loyalty rates
  • increase in income
  • acquisition of new customers
  • reduction in operating costs, etc.

UNIGONE and contact centres

UNIGONE has drawn on its expertise in telephony and communication protocols to develop and market TelServer, a software solution that enables an extremely rapid integration of telephony functions as well as social networks messenging features into the company businesses applications. TelServer implements all the building blocks required for the contacts centres:

  • CTI coupling between CRM and existing PABX/IPBX systems
  • integration of the live chat and social networks into the CRM
  • coupling with the company's directories
  • IVR, smart multichannel calls routing
  • statistics display
  • agent desktop
  • web administration

UNIGONE also advises its customers in creating and developing their contact centres (architecture, training, etc.).


Abstract Syntax Notation One

What is ASN.1 ?

Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) is an international standard used for the exchange of data between communicating systems. It is a notation used to formally define data as well as a set of encoding rules.

ASN.1 is independent of programming languages, operating systems and hardware.

Who uses ASN.1 ?

ASN.1's universality means that it can be used in all sectors of activity that require an exchange of information. ASN.1 is thus used in mobile or landline telephony, in smart cars, for secure communication on the Internet, air traffic control, etc.


UNIGONE is participating in working groups of national and international organisations charged with maintaining and developing the ASN.1 standard. It is an industry recognised expert in this technology.

UNIGONE advises you in implementing your communicating and applications  projects, and also proposes development tools for Java and C# to enable you to make the most of the power of ASN.1. In strict compliance with standards, UNIGONE solutions include an ASN.1 compiler, over 30 APIs used by the main industry sectors (LTE, ITS, CSTA, Lawful Interception, CDR, etc.) as well as a protocol analyser.


Unigone exports its solutions worldwide