TelServer - Contact centres

The telephone continues to be the preferred communication channel in the customer relationship but the web interactions such as the web site live chat or the social network messaging channel are becoming an essential part of the relationship.

Optimising contact handling by using customized solutions is therefore an essential component of quality of service.

TelServer is a modular contact centre solution that is resolutely focused on the business approach and the user environment. For the voice contact, it has been designed to be integrated into your legacy telephone and IT architecture (you get to keep your PBX/IPBX, dialling plan, extensions, etc.). For the web contact, TelServer proposes lightweight javascript APIs that will be easily embedded in your web pages or your CRM solution.

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Bring telephony and chat into the heart of your applications!

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Customer cases

Routing of incoming calls

Improve your quality of service by routing your calls to the right party. After qualification through the embedded IVR system for the voice calls or by the chatbot for web contacts, TelServer takes care of distributing calls to:

  • the agent assigned to the client
  • the agent best qualified to answer the call
  • the last person spoken to
  • the specified main service and support services

Outbound calls campaigns

Organise your outbound call campaigns:

  • 'preview' or 'predictive' mode
  • draw up your call lists (files, database) and control your campaigns with our APIs
  • assignment of calls to the dedicated agent or the best qualified agent
  • call settings (number of attempts, interval between call attempts)

Agent workstation

Our agent widget is available under both Windows and web client with the same interface. The web client is incorporated into your pages all the while keeping to your functional and graphic constraints.

  • call control (call, answer, transfer, etc.)
  • agent status management
  • customer card display
  • supervision of other operators
  • access to directories


Statistics and supervision reports

Reliable indicators are essential for managing a contact centre.

The TelServer administration console enables the real-time supervision of the resources committed (queues, agent status, length of calls, etc.).

The statistics module enables a detailed analysis of traffic and optimises the organisation of these resources.

Thanks to displays in the room, all agents know when the service is running well.


Coupling with the information system

TelServer fits in seamlessly with your system architecture, without compromising your legacy infrastructure:

  • Telserver couples with the company's directories and databases
  • TelServer interfaces with business applications
  • TelServer supervises your PBX/IPBX

Installation and administration

  • TelServer is a Java application
  • TelServer can be administered from a Web console
  • TelServer can be virtualised