Asn1Browser analyser decodes and displays a data stream described by an ASN.1 schema and encoding rules.

The tool works with plugins associated to standard ASN.1 schemas. It can also be configured by powerful filters defining the packet delimitation, the file format to read ASN.1 data from...

Asn1Browser is a Java application. It can be installed on any machine with a Java Virtual Machine.

The network mode enables the dynamic decoding of the data flow between two applications exchanging ASN.1 based messages.

The file reading mode allows the reading of log files generated by Asn1Browser itself or by any other tool.

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Advanced display

The main view of Asn1Browser is presented in the case of CSTA phase II (based on ROS). The left panel displays the list of received PDUs. The right panel displays the decoded PDUs.

ASN.1 plugins

A plugin is a library generated by our Asn1Compiler from an ASN.1 schema. The library contains all the necessary material to decode the data specified by the schema and the encoding rules.

There are three ways to get a plugin:

  • download the plugin from Asn1Browser menu. The plugins associated to the most used standards are downloadable from our web site;
  • submit your ASN.1 schema to our Support team. We will build the plugin ans send it back to you or make it available from our web site;
  • purchase Asn1Browser Professional that includes Asn1Compiler enabling you to generate your own plugins.

The filters

The analyzer filters enable the reading of log or capture files. They rely on regular expressions. They offer a powerful way to adapt Asn1Browser to new file formats. This feature is really useful while developing of your new application.