With our partner SPIE Ouest Centre, UNIGONE has been chosen at the end of 2015 by the French RATP to provide the Service de Téléphonie Avancé (Advanced Telephony Service) for supervising the intercom units on the subway platforms of PARIS.

Our partner SPIE Ouest Centre develops the STA based on TelServer. TelServer is acting as a CSTA middleware and a media server SIP/RTP. The TelServices protocol is used by the STA for communicating with the IPBXs and the media server part.

The solution is interfaced with Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Entreprise (OXE) IPBXs, each one being secured in spatial redundancy. TelServer is also redundant (with a switch over handled by the STA using the Windows  NLB service). TelServer is supervising more than 4000 intercom units and more than 800 control sets in the stations and security offices to handle all the calls from the intercom units. TelServer is also playing the audio prompts  and allows the vocal presentation of the intercom set to the TETRA device before transfer when needed.