ASN.1 Solutions

ASN.1 may be encountered wherever two applications need to exchange information.
The Abstract Syntax Notation is used to specify in a formal way the data that are going to be exchanged (this is known as the 'schema' or the 'abstract syntax'). This formal description is independent of the programming language and of the physical data representation. 

An ASN.1 compiler translates the formal description into a programming language. The developer can then handle the corresponding data in his favorite language. 

But ASN.1 is more than that : it is also a set of encoding rules that allow the translation of such data into normalized formats independent of the programming language memory representation. These encoding rules define binary (BER, PER) and text (XML) encodings. 

uniGone Asn1Solutions is a software suite, targeting Java and C# (.NET or Mono) platforms, dedicated to users of protocols based on ASN.1/XML schemas such as software architects, integrators or developers involved in building applications based on a standard or private protocol.

ASN.1 compiler

uniGone proposes Asn1Compiler, a compiler that generates Java/C# classes from an ASN.1 schema. The compiler is fully compliant with the ITU-T/ISO specifications.


The user application must import the generated classes and the runtime library. The runtime gathers the encoding/decoding primitives for the ASN.1 basic types according to the encoding rules BER/DER, PER (aligned and unaligned), XER, E-XER.

The automatic generation of classes by a compiler and the use of a strictly tested runtime library reduce development costs and considerably improve time to market.

ASN.1 Java/C# API

uniGone proposes on the shelf Java and C# Asn1API that are generated from the most widespread standard protocols in industry. An Asn1API is a library containing all the necessary material for encoding and decoding data that are specified by an ASN.1 schema (which may be the result of the conversion of an XML Schema to ASN.1).


The user application must import the API library that contains the classes generated from the schema and the runtime library. The runtime gathers the encoding/decoding primitives for the ASN.1 basic types according to the encoding rules BER/DER, PER (aligned and unaligned), XER, E-XER.

With an Asn1API, you profit of all the efficiency of ASN.1 without purchasing an ASN.1 compiler.

Our distribution policy is the simplest : purchase an Asn1API and deploy your value-added applications with no limit and with no extra costs.

You may also submit your private ASN.1/XML schema. We will provide you the corresponding Java or C# Asn1API.

Protocole analyzer

uniGone provides Asn1Browser, an analyzer for protocols based on ASN.1 schemas. It offers a graphical display of a stream containing encoded data respecting an ASN.1/XML schema. The tool works in network mode or in file mode by reading binary files (e.g. output files of an application) or textual files (e.g. log files).

The analyzer accepts plugins associated to standard ASN.1 schemas. It can also include the ASN.1 compiler Asn1Compiler and thus can generate your standard or specific plugins from your ASN.1 schemas.

The tool is highly configurable since you can define filters to handle specific data delimitation, file formats...
If you are facing complex data delimitation formats or specific file formats capture, we can develop the filters to make Asn1Browser handle any special situation.


You would need to benefit of the powerful efficiency of ASN.1 but you do not want to become an ASN.1 specialist to achieve punctual goals. To optimize your investments, uniGone offers a valuable and recognized expertise. We will accompany your projects step by step and help you to make them a success. 

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